Daily 10:00 - 19:00
Business Center "SK PLAZA", 163A bld. 2, Dmitrovsky highway, Moscow, Russian Federation
Daily 10:00 - 19:00
Business Center "SK PLAZA", 163A bld. 2, Dmitrovsky highway, Moscow, Russian Federation

Individual solutions for your specific business goals

Personal approach for your specific business objectives, optimized terms of payment and delivery for cafes, restaurants and onboard catering.

All-inclusive solutions for the effective procurement & sales system in the HoReCa segment

We help our partners to develop or modernize food supply chain: we provide a wide range of products, carefully select and evaluate manufacturers, act as a guarantor of the commercial effectiveness.

The whole spectrum of possibilities

We supply all key categories of food for the HoReCa segment: dairy products, groceries, chilled and frozen meat and semi-products, poultry, seafood, fish and caviar, fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits.

More about the assortment
The spectrum of possibilities

Comprehensive Quality Management System

Audit compliance

We assess compliance with food safety standards through the all stages of the supply cycle.

Quality management system

The QMS is based on the HACCP system and advanced technologies in quality assurance.

Ongoing temperature control is implemented during production, shipment and storage.

Continuous personnel training and certification on advance quality assurance methodologies.

Modern warehouses
Modern warehouses

Modern warehouses

Warehouses are equipped with modern refrigerators and freezers.
Advanced inventory system
Advanced inventory system

Advanced inventory system

Advanced IT-system is used for automated control of logistics operations.

Actual technologies for efficient distribution

Innovative cargo GPS tracking system is based on GLONASS. Modern car fleet allows to deliver goods reliably and timely. We continuously improve the quality of our service and modernize the food supply system.

How we work

We provide quality control
through all stages of production and distribution.


We receive your request: target cost and product specification.


We determine the real needs and conditions: product list, order volume, terms of the delivery and payment schedule.


We get the sample, improve the recipe and packaging.

Dar Co - Food Service Company

You approve the sample quality and order quantity, negotiate terms and conditions of the contract.


We deliver goods that meet the objectives and requirements.

DAR Co – systems approach to the effective procurement & sales in the HoReCa segment

Food supply

We supply goods to cafes, restaurants and onboard catering.

Business process audit

We make business process audit, analyze commercial performance and efficiency of the existing systems.

We modernize product

We refine the product features to meet needs of modern market.

We develop the market together with you and for you

We support manufacturers and help them to create product that fully meets the wishes and needs of the end-consumer as well as the international food safety and quality standards.

We unite all participants of the food service industry so that the best manufacturers find their vendees in HoReCa segment, while the consumer remains loyal to the product.

DAR Co supplies all key food categories and related products

We fulfil all procurement activities: select finished products and raw materials, conduct the manufacturing audit, refine product according to your requirements.

We select and deliver milk and dairy products, chilled and frozen raw meat and ready-to-cook foods, gourmet products, rare fish and seafood, vegetables and fruits, cereals and oils, packaging and materials for storage.